Membership Benefits & Pricing

Though not required to browse or order a reproduction print, register for a free membership (no credit card required) to enjoy completely free access to all the standard features listed in the BASIC PAY-PER-USE column of the chart below.

Once registered, if you wish to use any of the premium features listed on the chart (Prints-at-Home, Downloads, etc.) just add money to your account. Monthly or Yearly Subscriptions are also offered for those who wish to have the premium features enabled at a highly discounted rate.

No matter what level of access you choose, your first step is to

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Price FREE $38.99 per month 
$279.99 per year 
Collection Viewing Historic Earth™ Premium Overlay Viewer Included
Historic Earth™ Basic Overlay Viewer Included Included
Zoom map views Included Included
City Directory access with $10 account balance Included
Research Functions Standard Browse Included Included
Points of Interest Browse Included Included
Location Search Included Included
Keyword Search Included Included
Modern Address Search Included Included
Favorite maps on 'My Account' page Included Included
Bookmark Maps in Historic Earth™ Included
  Monthly† Yearly†
Recording Functions
300 dpi JPEG Download   $32.99 per download 5 / month 10 / month
Features Framed and Unframed Fine-Art Reproductions Purchased on demand
Research Prints & Research Print Atlases Purchased on demand
Unwatermarked Images & Image Licenses Purchased on demand
ArcGIS™ & Google Earth™ Geocode Downloads Purchased on demand
† A yearly subscription offers twice as many downloads and prints per month as a monthly subscription.

All Historic Map Works Monthly and Yearly Subscriptions also function as a Basic PAY-PER-USE account that can be accessed if you exceed your monthly subscription allowances. For example, if you wish to print or download than the allotted images in a month, it will be useful to have additional credit to use in your PAY-PER-USE account. Likewise, when your monthly subscription expires, your membership will automatically default to the PAY-PER-USE access until you decide to purchase another subscription.

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