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If you are looking for a way to decorate your house while providing education for your family, buy large world maps. World maps are very decorative and make a great addition to any decor. These maps can be frames or unframed, original or a reproduction. No other decoration offers the educational values than a world map.

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Decorative Aspect

buy large world maps

World maps come in a variety of styles, complimenting any decor. The more modern maps often come in contemporary styles and colors. If you want to stay up to date with the current names of the countries around the worlds, you may have to by large world maps often, as the names of countries on other continents often change as leadership changes.

Antique reproductions are a great way to give a room the feel of old world charm. These reproductions of ancient maps are very decorative. Many of the old maps appear to be more like works of art than maps. The illustrations that were used by the ancient map makers rival the famous paintings of that time. With the right frame, these maps will look like great works of art on your walls.

Educational Aspect

There is nothing more beneficial for kids that are learning geography in school than to be surrounded by maps at home. If they see it on a consistent basis, kids tend to retain information better. Since kids don't get exposed to the names of foreign countries very often, it helps to find them on a world map and be able to associate the new country with the region in which it is located.

In another way that benefits the family, maps help when learning about ancient civilizations. Seeing the scope of the Roman empire allows kids to have a greater respect for the army that was able to conquer that vast of an area. When they are studying the different Chinese Dynasties, it is helpful to have a visual reminder of the region that it took place in. By having more than one ancient map on display, kids can compare the size and location of empires that occurred during different time periods but over the same areas.

Recent studies have shown that the average American graduating from high school doesn't have a very good grasp on world geography. By decorating with world maps, you are helping your child get ahead of the national trend. By being aware of countries other than our own, the world becomes a smaller place and more accessible. In the modern day of technology, many kids don't realize just how big the world really is. By having them associate where other countries are located, they are able to be less egocentric and realize that our country make up a very small part of the whole global population.

When you decide to decorate with world maps, you are not only getting an amazing piece of art to display on your walls, you are actually helping to educate the members of your household. The next time you decide to purchase artwork for your walls, try to buy large world maps and get more out of your decorations.