Antique World Maps

A valuable item in the art collecting world is antique world maps. The perception of our world has changed so drastically over time. These world maps reflect the world view during the time period they were created. Often beautifully illustrated, these maps are now considered valuable, and expensive, works of art. There are vintage maps from all areas of the world that are available for sale.

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Auction Houses

antique world maps

Many of the best auction houses have antique maps for sale. These maps are acquired through various methods. Most of the items are from private collections and estate sales. Prices will vary depending upon the interested people at the auction. This can sometimes be a great way to get a beautiful map for a good price. Since attendance is usually required at this type of auction, these auctions are always an accessible option. Online auction sites occasionally offer vintage maps for auction as well. Caution does need to be used when dealing with online auctions. Potential buyers need to verify the authenticity of the items they are bidding on.

Map Stores

There are many stores that deal with just maps. These map stores are an excellent place to purchase maps. Because they deal with all types of maps, these stores are also a place to gather valuable information about antique maps. Whether you are looking for antique European maps or framed world map prints, these stores sell it all.

Online Map Stores

While going to a physical map store may not be an options for some collectors, there are many online stores that deal with map sales. These stores are usually run by collectors or organizations that preserve maps for future generations. Most style and ages of maps are available for purchase. They will usually ship maps to any address so collectors from any part of the world have access to vintage maps.

Depending upon the era and area of map that is desired, it may be more financially feasible to purchase reproduction antique maps. Many well known maps are made into reproductions, making great inexpensive works of art. If you enjoy the look of old maps, but can't afford the price tag, reproductions are a great alternative.

Organizations that collect maps in order to preserve them and create a database will often sell some of the original maps. The proceeds will help them to continue preserving maps.

There are many options available for people that want to start collecting or add to their collection of maps. Map stores and online sites have many maps available in many price ranges. Whether you are looking for originals or reproductions, there are many specialty stores that carry maps for you to add to your collection. Be sure to check the authenticity of any map that you are looking to purchase. While most dealers are reputable, you may encounter a dishonest one. Better to be safe than sorry. Purchasing an antique world maps is a great way to add a historic touch to any art collection.